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About Maria

What does nutrition mean to me?

I love good wholesome food but I don’t claim to have the ‘perfect diet’.  I still enjoy the occasional glass of wine or coffee and cake with friends.  And if I go out to a restaurant I don't choose my meals according to the calorie-count!  For me, great nutrition is all about enjoying ‘real’, healthy and delicious foods. 

Healthy eating does not have to be complicated and difficult. That is where I can help by offering the knowledge and motivational tools to get your health back on track.

As a busy working mum, I certainly know how it feels to be spinning lots of plates and understand the difficulty of adhering to healthy eating when faced with lack of time and exhaustion from a long day at work.

Following on from a BSc degree in Psychology, my professional career has been rooted in  education both in the UK and overseas. I am passionate about supporting the physical and emotional health of both children and adults.

My interest in nutrition and desire to further my knowledge in this area stemmed from my personal experience of trying to support and manage a chronic health condition. 

This interest then led me to study nutrition to a professional level.  I gained my qualification in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM).  This 3-year CNM Diploma in Nutritional Therapy course is rooted in evidence-based research and 200 hours of clinical experience, differentiating it from other UK courses.


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