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What to expect from a Nutritional Consultation

Initial consultation - what to expect

Following an initial telephone conversation, you will be sent both a health questionnaire and a 3-day food diary to complete online and return prior to your first consultation.

The initial consultation will last an hour and a half,  where we will discuss your goals and aspirations.

Consultations can occur either in person or online

A detailed case history will be taken including checking for possible interactions on any medications you are currently taking


Using your food diary an analysis and review will be completed  of your current diet


Your personalised nutrition plan will be sent to you within 5 working days and this will include both diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Supplement recommendations will be given (if required)

Additional information such as recipes, menu suggestions and relevant nutritional information sheets will be included (if required)


Laboratory test recommendations or GP referral letter (if required) 

Energy food choice / studio photography

Follow up consultation – what to expect

Follow up consultations are recommended approximately 4 – 6 weeks after the initial consultation and are shorter, lasting approximately 45 minutes

Original symptoms will be reviewed, and any new symptoms discussed

Discussion of progress and any challenges when following the plan

If any tests were recommended at the initial consultation, then these will be reviewed accordingly

The nutrition plan will be adjusted accordingly including lifestyle and supplement recommendations where applicable.

Additional information sheets, menu planning and recipe ideas will be included as required





Progress Review - what to expect

The purpose of the Progress Review is to ensure you are on the right track and best equipped to follow the plan.


This 20 minute check-in call to help you stay on track and motivated after completing your package.

This call does not include a nutrition plan so please book the 45 minute follow-up if you would like support with any new symptoms, test results or supplements.

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