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Shirley N.

I went to see Maria to discuss weight loss and problems with afternoon energy slumps. I had lost some weight but hit a plateau and was struggling to get started again.

The consultation was detailed and personalised and Maria managed to pinpoint elements in my diet and daily routine that were holding me back. Small changes made a huge difference and I am only sorry I didn't go to see her months before!

I felt relaxed throughout; Maria is very warm and friendly as well as being professional and organised. It was clear to see that I was in good hands from the start.

Thank you, Maria.

Christine O.

I was diagnosed with asthma following a particularly long respiratory infection a few years ago. I repeatedly suffered from viral infections, digestive problems and fatigue. When I first met Maria I had just overcome another illness which had left me unwell for over a month.


I thought that I ate pretty healthily, as I did a lot of cooking and caring for my family. Maria pointed out that I was not balancing my diet and lifestyle to address my own particular health issues. With some big but mostly simple changes, and the right advice, I followed her detailed plan and soon began to feel improvements. She started me off with a mixture of supplements to boost my immunity and tackle my digestive issues. It wasn’t just a diet, but a more holistic approach which made me consider my overall mental and physical wellbeing. The dietary changes required some effort at first but soon became easy to incorporate into everyday living. My first consultation with Maria left me feeling really positive about the changes I needed to make.


She also suggested ways for me to relax and focus on myself. This was less easy at first because of family commitments I felt I didn’t have time. However, Maria helped me to realise and use the opportunities I did have. I had become more sedentary than I cared to admit. I needed motivation and achievable targets to help me towards a more positive and healthy lifestyle.  Her knowledge of diet and nutrition was invaluable and her ability to devise a plan specifically identifying the areas I needed to ‘heal’ was really impressive. Through a combination of diet and exercise, and acknowledging and dealing with the more emotionally draining aspects of life I have completely changed and improved my lifestyle.

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