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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Image by Calum Lewis
Who can benefit?

Nutritional therapy can benefit all people, of any age, whether you have a specific health complaint or simply need support and practical advice on how to optimise your current health status.

Nutritional therapy uses a scientific, evidence-based approach to promote optimal health. Nutritional therapists work closely with their clients to investigate and analyse diet, lifestyle, medical conditions and genetic factors that may be creating imbalances in the body. Personalised plans are then developed to address these specific body imbalances or health concerns. The focus is not just to ease symptoms, but to identify and tackle the root cause which may be contributing to the disease.

Nutritional therapy and traditional medicine are not mutually exclusive; in fact, nutritional therapy can enhance the efficacy of some prescriptive medicine and in some cases allow a client to reduce or avoid medication. This of course involves close working alongside other healthcare professionals and GPs, always referring a client to a medical practitioner where necessary.

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